Company Profile


UNICIMA Corporation has been established by the people who has own special skill and personality, and we have been looking for a chance of business with people in the world together.

We try to understand what you are thinking, and try to explain well what we are thinking. We believe Business is to establish, maintain and develop Human relation.

Let's do communicate and enjoy the business."

We have a dream !!!

Our goal is to produce a new concept valve which is not tied down to the existing valve concept, but can meet any applications and can solve the special application.

To "UCM" Valve from "Ball valve"

Our company, UNICIMA Corporation, was established with the high ambition to develop a new concept valve. And we started from the sales of Piping products (Pipe, Flange, Fitting, Valve, etc. ) and the manufacturing Ball valves, in which we have a successful history. Our Ball valves have been used in any industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Food, etc., and we flatter ourselves that we are second to none in performance. We can provide the exact Ball valves which meet the application from Customer with the reasonable price and timely manner.

Now it's a time to realize our dream.

Do Conversation & Think together for the Goal !!!

Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly vales, etc., those valves were developed long years ago and have been improved & modified. However, now it's time to develop a new concept valve. This is our dream and mission which we must fulfill as a top runner in the valve world.

Do conversation and think about it together for the goal !!!